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To let the feelings out (an idea)

I was thinking about making a playlist that might help people who are suffering from mental illness - but are also hyper self-controlled, like me - to Let Out their feelings, sollecitating them to react (but mostly to let their rage/frustration break out).

There are some songs I had to remove from my Mp3 player because they really had That effect on me, and it was clear enough for me that I could do some use of them in a private, safe context.

I’d make this playlist not (only) with songs talking about mental issues - on the contrary, most of them are totally unrelated to those - but just using the ‘Vibrations’ as a criteria. Some tunes make me want to scream or break things.

For people who are hyper-controlled and live their diseases just bottling-up all the time, I think it could be useful.

What do you think about it?